Child hunger is by far the biggest issue that children around the world face. Food is the fuel children need to succeed in life, both physically and mentally. Without food, there is sickness, pain and death. We must fight for children and give them access to the food they so desperately need. 

Whether it’s poverty, conflict or simply a lack of resources – hunger affects over 150 million children globally. 


While the world wastes roughly 2.5 billion tons of food every single year, over 150 million children go without. Think about that for a moment. It’s a staggering statistic. 


Child death is on the rise with 1 out of 5 children under the age of five dying because of malnutrition. This is simply unacceptable. 


Let’s take a look at some factual statistics in regards to hunger that you may find shocking. 


  1. Over 750 million people have zero clue as to where their next meal is going to come from. 
  2. Nearly 10% of the entire world is affected by hunger. 
  3. Malnutrition claims the lives of over 3 million children each year. 

Hunger and Malnutrition are in fact different

A child living in poverty might not be hungry, but they might be undernourished and deprived of the vitamins and minerals they need to grow and develop. Children who don’t get enough food or the proper nutrition can suffer from a number of problems that can prevent them from escaping poverty. Here are some obstacles associated with malnutrition:

Illness: Immune systems compromised by malnutrition make children more susceptible to illness. The biggest single cause of disease worldwide is malnutrition.

A Starving Brain: A brain devoid of essential minerals and nutrition is incapable of focusing, which puts undernourished kids at risk for academic failure.

Obesity: Although it may seem paradoxical, obesity is actually malnourishment because it encompasses all types of inadequate nutrition. Food can be deficient in nutrients even in situations when it is widely available, especially in less expensive foods. 

Children who eat an excessive amount of food but not enough of the vitamins and minerals they require have the same difficulties as malnourished children in addition to an additional set of health problems related to obesity.

We Can Make A Difference If We All Work Together

Child Hunger Crisis

Poverty doesn’t just vanish and in fact, poverty can become a cycle that goes from generation to generation if it is not addressed. 


Millions of people feel stuck in poverty and when you feel stuck, it is hard to get the motivation to try and escape poverty. It’s not as easy as ‘escaping poverty’ either, a lack of resources, funding, food and more can all contribute to poverty. 

Think of it this way, if a new mother is malnourished and lacks the nutrients she needs for her body to function properly, then that lack of nutrients is being passed down to her newborn. When a family is malnourished, they often lack the energy needed to escape the cycle of poverty. This is why it is so incredibly important to fight poverty – together.


Bringing people together to end poverty.

We provide disadvantaged children with the skills they need to build a better future for themselves and their communities. Children and youth develop the skills and confidence they need to establish potential lives free of poverty thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors.

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Food For The Starving

We help provide food all around the world through our partnerships and donations

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Health Care For The Sick

We help provide medical care all around the world through our partnerships and donations

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Water For Those Without

We help provide water all around the world through our partnerships and donations

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Education For All Children

We help provide education all around the world through our partnerships and donations

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Safety From Abusers

We help provide safety locations around the world through partnerships and donations.

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For Physically Disabled

We help provide for physically disabled children around the world through partnerships and donations.

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Support for Safety Havens

Playgrounds and recreation centers are typically inaccessible to children in poverty. They're also more likely to be exposed to violence, gangs, and drugs at a young age. Your assistance can help provide a safe, clean, and uplifting environment in which children may learn and grow away from the stresses of the outside world.

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Give A Gift. And Change A Life

Poverty has many levels, and there are numerous ways you may assist overcome the barriers that have trapped children and families for decades. Children and teens are learning the skills and confidence they need to build greater futures for themselves and their communities thanks to the help of people like you.

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Every Child Deserves A Chance

Every child, is entitled to a bright future. That's why, everyday we do everything we can to guarantee that children grow up healthy, learning, and safe. Especially those who are the most difficult to approach. However, without your help, we won't be able to complete this critical task.

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Change Lives

Your contribution allows children to build a better future not just for themselves, but also for their families and communities. You make a difference in their lives by allowing them to see beyond their daily difficulties with poverty.