Children are human and humans have rights – it’s just that simple. Life In Color advocates for children and their rights as humans. We firmly believe that every child deserves a fair chance at a good quality life and a bright, healthy and successful future. 

There are over 2 billion children on earth and millions upon millions of them need our help. 

Here Is How We Help

  • Partnering with reputable charitable organizations and with the help of our donor support, we are prominent leaders in child protection, education, health and safety. 
  • From the United States to Gaza and over 100 more countries, our donor funds are put to proper use – quickly – in order to supply children with the necessities needed. 
  • Donor funds allow us to provide medical care, health supplies, food, clean water, proper education and safe havens for children who are in physical and sexually abusive homes. 
  • We give children the building blocks needed to have a successful future. 

Children Deserve A Positive Future

Take a moment and imagine a world where people don’t help one another. A world where children are left helpless and hopeless. A world where children are abused, malnourished, uneducated and left to fend for themselves. 

That is not the world we want to live in. 

This is why we made the decision 9-years ago to start Life In Color and help change the world – one child at a time. Over the last 9-years, we have been able to help thousands of children and provide them with the securities, supplies, and help needed to ensure that they have a successful future. 

Life In Color does not stop. We don’t take breaks. We work non-stop to make sure that the health and welfare of a child is safeguarded. 

At the end of the day, giving to and helping children in need is one of the best rewards a person could ever receive. Helping others warms the heart, not only the heart of the donor, but the heart of the child in need. 

It’s a win–win!