Through diligent research, donor support and partnering with some of the world’s largest charitable organizations, we have had the privilege of being advocates for children’s rights all over the world for nearly a decade. 

United States & Beyond

Throughout the United States there are over 9 million children living in poverty with as many as 13 million children suffering from malnutrition. Over 53 million children living in America do not attend school and do not have an adequate education. Roughly 1 out of 7 children are living in abusive situations and over 1,800 children die each year at the hands of their abuser. 

Life In Color helps children, families and communities all over the United States. We help combat poverty, provide meals and the necessities children need. Safe havens and psychological resources are offered to those children who are living in abusive environments or have in the past. 

Educational materials, clean water and food supplies are among some of the biggest resources we have to offer children, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. 

Become An Advocate For Children and Help Us Fight The Good Fight

Places like Gaza, Ukraine, Syria and many more are all experiencing incredible humanitarian crises’. Children are forced to live in poor living conditions and their right to proper education, food, shelter and protection is being ripped away – day after day. 

Working together, we can help the children and families of these nations. They don’t have to fight alone. In fact, many of them are unable to get ahead on their own due to a severe lack of resources. That is where we come in. We have the ability to provide the good people of these poverty stricken areas of the world, the resources they need to be safe, healthy and successful. We must fight for the rights of all humans, especially children’s rights.