What LIC Does


Nearly a decade ago Life In Color (LIC) was born, created with one simple goal and mindset – to help children in need. 

It is a sad reality, but there were children suffering yesterday, there are children suffering today and there will be children suffering tomorrow. Through our eyes and in our hearts, this is completely unacceptable.

Through the help and support of our donors we are able to make a serious impact in the lives of children all around the globe. By supporting Life In Color, you too are making a serious impact. YOU are saving lives!

We Won’t Stop

Our donor initiatives help children succeed in life, as we believe that every child deserves a fair chance at a healthy, safe and bright future. We work tirelessly to develop environments for children to thrive in and for their families to flourish. 

Our donors are extremely crucial to our mission and are the reason as to why LIC is able to help thousands upon thousands of children each and every year. 

We won’t stop! We enter the most poverty stricken areas throughout the world and provide children with the materials, supplies and protections needed. We fight to combat child trafficking, child abuse and child hunger. LIC also provides medical treatment, medical supplies and health education to those areas throughout the world that are struggling with disease and unhealthy living conditions. 

It doesn’t stop there. LIC offers educational programs to children from the early stages of life, ensuring that these children get a proper head start on their education journey. For children that are older and don’t have access to proper education or educational materials, LIC is able to provide that for them. 

We also offer protection, guidance and counseling for those children who are suffering from abuse situations. Providing safe havens for children to escape to, counselors for children to speak with and most importantly – knowledge about abuse, abusers and their own physical and mental health. 

For areas that are hit with a natural disaster or areas affected by war and conflict, LIC provides aid with a humanitarian response. Our work helps children feel safe and protected, in times of uncertainty. We provide clean water, food and shelter to children who are living in areas with limited resources caused by disaster or conflict. Oftentimes when natural disasters strike or conflict erupts, children are left alone, scared and helpless due to family members being injured, kidnapped or even killed. We must be there for these children, their families and their communities. 

But Why Do All Of These Things?

The answer is simple. Children need us. 

Every child on this earth today is our world’s future.


Bringing people together to end poverty.

We provide disadvantaged children with the skills they need to build a better future for themselves and their communities. Children and youth develop the skills and confidence they need to establish potential lives free of poverty thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors.

Life in Color

Food For The Starving

We help provide food all around the world through our partnerships and donations

Life in Color

Health Care For The Sick

We help provide medical care all around the world through our partnerships and donations

Life in Color

Water For Those Without

We help provide water all around the world through our partnerships and donations

Life in Color

Education For All Children

We help provide education all around the world through our partnerships and donations

Life in Color

Safety From Abusers

We help provide safety locations around the world through partnerships and donations.

Life in Color

For Physically Disabled

We help provide for physically disabled children around the world through partnerships and donations.

Life in Color

Support for Safety Havens

Playgrounds and recreation centers are typically inaccessible to children in poverty. They're also more likely to be exposed to violence, gangs, and drugs at a young age. Your assistance can help provide a safe, clean, and uplifting environment in which children may learn and grow away from the stresses of the outside world.

Life in Color

Give A Gift. And Change A Life

Poverty has many levels, and there are numerous ways you may assist overcome the barriers that have trapped children and families for decades. Children and teens are learning the skills and confidence they need to build greater futures for themselves and their communities thanks to the help of people like you.

Life in Color

Every Child Deserves A Chance

Every child, is entitled to a bright future. That's why, everyday we do everything we can to guarantee that children grow up healthy, learning, and safe. Especially those who are the most difficult to approach. However, without your help, we won't be able to complete this critical task.

Life in Color

Change Lives

Your contribution allows children to build a better future not just for themselves, but also for their families and communities. You make a difference in their lives by allowing them to see beyond their daily difficulties with poverty.