How To Survive Bomb Attacks

Children Of Gaza Forced To Learn How To Survive Bomb Attacks

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Over 600,000 children currently residing in Gaza have lost their right to a proper education – instead – they are learning how to just survive. 

Instead of heading to a classroom and getting the education needed to become prominent people in society, children throughout Gaza are learning to survive bomb attacks, raids and on the ground combative situations. 

Statistics coming out of UNICEF and Save The Children International state that over 625,000 children and over 22,000 teachers have been displaced from educational learning and teaching. 

The children of Gaza are dreamers, they wanted to be doctor’s, lawyer’s and teachers. Now they are learning how to build tents, bake bread, care for the wounded and shelter in place. 

Schools throughout Gaza are being used as bomb shelters and medical centers. Children’s classrooms have been replaced with makeshift beds and medical equipment. 

Children’s school bags, homework, school supplies – have been burned up due to attacks and bombs being dropped. Their school chairs, desks are being used for firewood in order to cook food to survive. 

It’s a real life nightmare!  

The Palestinian Ministry of Education reports that 7,819 students have been injured and 4,327 have been killed. 756 school personnel and 231 educators have been injured as a result of Israel’s ongoing assault on Gaza. 

Over 300 schools throughout Gaza have been completely destroyed due to bombs and on the ground combat. 

It’s so incredibly important to help the children of Gaza get back to normal and into a classroom. Every day a child isn’t learning is a day lost. A setback in their life. 

We can make a difference, even if it’s just a simple backpack or pack of pencils and a pad of paper. We must help now!