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The Children Of Gaza Are Trapped In Horrific Devastation

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There is a horrific cycle of violence and insecurities happening in Gaza right now. Children have a constant sense of displacement and normality is simply a dream. Children are being exposed daily to the hardships and horrors of war. Their access to medicine, food and clean water – all cut off. 

The children of Gaza are forced to live in a ‘new world’, a world that is amiss and they are faced with a horrific reality of living life without family members, schools and so much more. Thousands of children across Gaza have sadly been killed, and the ones who have survived, are doing just that – surviving. 

Families have been forced to leave their homes and many children are forced to live in overcrowded and disgusting living conditions. Lack of sanity conditions is quickly becoming a breeding ground for disease. 

Humanitarian money from the European Union has filtered its way into Gaza and it has helped over 220, 000 children thus far. But it isn’t enough. More needs to be done. Not only do children need help while they are living in crisis, the trauma they are experiencing at this very moment will be long lasting.

Children will need rehabilitation tools, counseling and safe havens. This must be put in place, sooner than later. Clean water, healthy food and shelter is of the utmost initial importance. 

The Life In Color foundation (LIC) is here for the children of Gaza. Money raised via donations and support from our donors helps us purchase supplies for the children of Gaza. Supplies like milk, medicine, diapers, toiletries and simple food supplies like flour for making bread. 

Over 2 million people have been displaced in Gaza, many are children. Take a moment and think about the children you care about in your life. Now take away their access to food, proper shelter, clean water and medicines. Take away their support system, such as their family members. It’s horrific to think about, right? But that is exactly the reality that children in Gaza are living right now, right this second. It’s not right and it’s not fair to them. 

We can make a difference and the time is now. 

Make a charitable donation to the children of Gaza – every penny counts. 

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